Our Devon Cattle

In 2002 we purchased a small herd of organic Devons from Paterson in the Hunter Valley. In a good year we can run up to 70 head; in a dry year we can carry 40 cows and heifers with calves at foot. We have a “closed herd” policy using our own bred bull and buying in a bull to extend the blood lines when necessary.

We chose Devons firstly because they are beautiful animals with a lovely, docile temperament and a strong mothering instinct as well as for their marbled, succulent beef.

Devons are extremely efficient animals – they cope well in a variety of conditions and breed quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss or investment. Their high fertility rate and efficient conversion of feed to beef make them an ideal breed for almost any situation.

Barrington River Organic Farm is Biodynamic, which means that our Devon cattle enjoy a superior lifestyle in a pristine, stress-free environment. This results in exceptional quality beef.

If you are interested in starting an organic herd please contact us.

More about Devon Cattle

Here are some of the reasons we chose Devons, apart from the fact that they are such good lookers!


Originally from the Devon region of the United Kingdom, Devons were amongst the earliest breeds to be introduced into Australia. They were noted for their docility, early maturing, hardiness and strength - important attributes to have in early settler days. They were popular for use in bullock teams for hauling cedar and other logs from the forests.

Today, Devon cattle are bred for beef production purposes. They are generally extremely efficient converters of grass to beef and this is evidenced by their ability to withstand extremes of conditions better than any other British breed. Their robust constitution has enabled them to flourish in the diverse environments of Australia. Devons not only excel on low nutrition but also grow fast on high nutrition.


Devons are one of the most highly fertile of all cattle breeds. Because of high fertility there is only a short time between calving and the next conception. This is an important consideration, because a herd can expand more quickly than other breeds.

Devons have small vigorous calves which are usually born unassisted. Cows are renowned for high milk production resulting in heavy calves at weaning. Devon cows are excellent mothers and calves have one of the highest survival rates to weaning.

Devons combine rapid weight gain as well as adequate muscle and carcass characteristics, with the ability to fatten at an early age. When run in harsher conditions they have the versatility to grow out into heavy bullocks.

Health and Herd Management:

Devons are extremely docile cattle and therefore easy to handle and manage. They are free from diseases such as eye cancer, are structurally sound, have extremely correct udders and have a robust constitution, which means they can be retained in the herd for more years than most other breeds. Devons are also well known as one of the Bos taurus breeds with the greatest tolerance to bloat.



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