Welcome to Barrington River Organic Farm

Nestled in the pristine foothills of the Barrington Ranges, NSW, our Biodynamic farm is 250 acres of lush pasture and fertile soil beside the Barrington River. With Devon cattle, olive trees, garlic, black walnut trees and a small orchard, we are proud to supply discerning “foodies” with quality produce for your good health. The property known as “Barridge” was purchased by husband and wife Jan and Lesley Goroncy in 1999.

“We fell in love with the property because of the beautiful Barrington River, the views over the Barrington Valley to the Bucketts and the fact that it had not seen any pesticides or herbicides. We also liked the fact that there was no home on it, as we wanted to build one using our design ideas and we wanted to be self-sufficient.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is that Barridge be a place of beauty, and a healthy environment for both animals and plants, where like-minded people can share all that the farm has to offer.”

Our Location

The farm is located 19 km from the townships of Gloucester and Barrington and is an approximate three hour drive north of Sydney. It is bordered by the Barrington River which flows down from the Barrington Tops - an unspoilt wilderness covering more than 1,200 sq km of land.

The main township of Gloucester sits in a picturesque river valley surrounded by hills at the junction of the Avon, Gloucester and Barrington rivers. The closest town to Barrington Tops National Park, Gloucester is a perfect base for adventure activities in the region, including trout fishing, canoeing, horse-riding, bushwalking and camping in the park. It is 271 km north-east of Sydney and has a population of approximately 2,600.

Our Property

The property had been used as a dry block for cattle. All that was on it was an old set of cattle yards and a bit of a track. The paddocks had been cleared to a certain extent, but they were unimproved and strewn with old logs, stumps, and rocks and they were covered in fireweed.

Since early 2000, each Spring and Autumn, Biodynamic Prep 500 has been sprayed over the paddocks. Thousands of hours have been spent manually picking fireweed. A lot of new fencing, new cattle yards, a cattle grid, and two kilometers of road have been built. Work has been done to clear the paddocks and improve the soil.

“We were fortunate to be able to purchase a small herd of Devon cattle from an organic property and now have a lovely herd which is growing year by year.”

In December 2000, the olives were planted - mainly Italian varieties - Frontoio, Leeccino, Pendolino and West Australian Mission and a small number of Giant Kalamatas.


“Right from the beginning it was decided that the farm would be organic. We were fortunate to be granted our Biodynamic status in 2006, after 2 years in conversion. From 1 July 2019 we will no longer be Australian Certified Organic. We will however still be following Biodynamic Organic principles. We are also members of the Hunter Biodynamic Group and the Exotic Farm Produce Group, Gloucester."




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